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Stackby has native integrations with many popular business apps. You can link your Stackby columns to APIs to pull information, use services or push information. The biggest advantage of using Stackby integrations is that you don't need to use codes to integrate with the API. All that is needed for integrating is something as basic as the API key, which you will be able to access from the API provider's website.

To start with, please understand that each API service works differently. 

Few things to keep in mind when you integrate APIs to Stackby:

  1. You integrate the API to a workspace first
  2. Next, you integrate the API to a column in a stack within that workspace

Learn how to connect a column to an API:

Right now, you can integrate Stackby with various third party services and apps that you love and use -

Pull Integrations 

Alphavantage: Pull real-time data on Stocks via integrations

Clearbit: Generate lead lists or enrich your lead list

Facebook Post Insights API: Bring Facebook post analytics from your Facebook pages

Facebook Ads: Bring your ad campaign metrics from your Facebook ad accounts.

Fullcontact: Pull rich information about people and company that you want to engage as your clients

Intercom: Acquire data related to your customers.

Github: Bring Github public user details

Google Translate: Pull in all the translations that you need automatically.

Google NLP: Pull information about people, places, and events, and better understand social media sentiment and customer conversations.

MailChimp: Pull information about your specific email campaigns

Mattermark: Pull information about world’s fastest-growing companies and investors.

Hunter.io: Pull and verify professional email addresses and manage leads easily

Pagespeed: Get website and SEO analytics from PageSpeed insights

SendFox: Bring your SendFox email campaign metrics right in Stackby

SerpStat: Analyze URLs, Domains and keywords with this all-in-one SEO tool

SharedCountPull Social Sharing metrics for any URL 

Stackshare: Bring any company's tech stack right inside Stackby.

VerifyBee: Get you email addresses verified 

YouTube: Pull your YouTube analytics easily

ZeroBounce: Verify emails with award-winning email verifier.

Clearout: Verify Emails

BuiltWith: Bring any company tech stack

Google Analytics: Built custom google analytics reporting dashboard

YouTube Analytics: Bring rich youtube channel metrics

Moz: Bring rich SEO metrics for your website URLs

Ahrefs: Bring rich SEO metrics, backlinks and position details

Google Search Console: Build your custom search analytics reporting data

Instagram: Bring Instagram data for your media posts

Twitter: Bring your twitter data right inside stackby

Alexa: Bring website and traffic data from Alexa API

Push updates to Slack 

Slack: You can push updates right from your stack to any of your slack channels. 

You can - 

Push Buttons from Columns 

Please note: You need a Call-to-Action (CTA) that we shall call a "button" to configure to send messages from Stackby via Twilio.

Twilio - SMS/Text: Push text messages to contacts, customer/clients.

Twilio - WhatsApp: Push WhatsApp messages to contacts, customer/clients.

Zapier + Stackby

We're also live with Stackby's Zapier integration where now you can integrate Stackby to 2000+ apps.

You can directly connect Stackby to Zapier from here.

These are just a list of integrations we have now. We will be adding more to the list. We track it hereso please go and upvote your favourite integrations that you would like to see. 

Would you like a quick start with some of these integrations? 

Please check out our automation-enabled templates.

Integromat + Stackby
We're also live with Stackby's Integromat Integration where now you can integrate Stackby to 500+ apps.

We're also live with Pabbly Connect and Integrately.

What's more coming? 

  • Automate.io
  • Texau
  • n8n.io
  • Txtria
  • Snov.io
  • LemList

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