Intercom makes customer messaging apps for your sales, marketing and support teams -- all connected on a single platform. In short, it helps you acquire, engage and retain more customers. Now, you can integrate Intercom on Stackby to acquire data related to your customers. Let's see how you can do that.

In this article, we will cover:

Why Integrate Intercom to Stackby?

How to Integrate Intercom?

Available API functions

Quota Limit

Why Integrate Intercom to Stackby?

The key to retaining more customers is through active customer engagement and that is exactly what Intercom provides. Imagine having to go through each customer detail (including those chat conversations) individually or having to take it down manually? Seems tedious, isn't it? Step up your customer support and engagement by integrating Intercom with Stackby. Get your customer details onto the Stackby platform easily as well as automatically. Analyze, keep track of or monitor in a jiffy.

Integrate to pull in customer details and chat conversations easily.

How to Integrate Intercom?

Step 1: Login (or create one if you don't have it) to your Intercom Account to get your API key

Step 2: Go to your profile -- the bottom left of your dashboard

Step 3: Click on Settings →  Developers →  Developer Hub →  New App

Step 4: Generate New App

Step 1 to 4 is all that you need to do in Intercom. Once done, visit your Stackby Account for Step 5, which is integrating your API to a workspace.

Step 5: Go to Account in Stackby →  Workspace Settings → API Configuration in Stackby and add a new integration for Intercom and paste your Intercom API key and save.

There you are done. Now, you are ready to pull in your customer details from Intercom onto Stackby.

Here's the example of how the output will look like if you want to bring your Intercom user details right inside Stackby by referencing their email ID - 

Available API Functions

1) User Details by Email
Get user details by inputting email addresses.
Reference: Email
Output: Particular user details

2) Get Company Details by Company ID
Get customer company details by inputting Company ID details from Intercom.
Reference: Company ID
Output: Get users' list of a particular company

Quota Limit

Intercom allows a standard quota of 500 requests per minute, but you need to distribute it over 10 second periods with a maximum of 83 requests per 10 seconds.