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Google Translate is a free multilingual machine translation service developed by Google, to translate text.  Now, you can integrate Google Translate to Stackby to pull in all the translations that you need automatically. Let's see how you can integrate Google Translate to Stackby.

In this article, we will cover the following:

Why to Integrate Google Translate?

How to Integrate Google Translate?

Available API Functions

Quota Limit

Why to Integrate Google Translate?

Integrating the API  helps you pull the relevant data automatically vs. manually without having to copy paste every time.

How to Integrate Google Translate?

It is very easy to integrate Google Translate into Stackby.

Step 1: Sign up or login to your Google Developers Console and click on the side navigation bar

Step 2: In the API services Library, search Translate API → Enable API

Once your API is enabled, go back to your account on Stackby (to integrate your workspace) → Workspace settings → API configuration in Stackby and add a new integration for Google Translate and paste your API key and save. 

Next Steps...

Now that you have set up the integration, here is how you can translate your text:

Create a stack in the Workspace or go to the stack, and keep the first column or any column as the reference (here it will be the String).

In the second column, connect to the Google Translate API and rename the column, select "API" as the column property

Choose Google Translate as the API and within that Select a Service and then Select the String column to reference. There, you have now integrated your API to the column.

Add in the string in the first/primary column, click on the refresh arrow and the API will work on the stack. The data will start filling in the consecutive columns (decide which data you want to access by selecting it from our data explorer). Make sure you change the column names and property beforehand; repeat with other columns.

Available API Functions

Translate text between English and 100+ languages
Reference Input column: String
Output: Translated text

Quota Limit

Google Translate API also has a default limit of 2 million characters per day and 100,000 characters per 100 second. The former can be increased up to 50 million characters per day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Google Translate is a paid service. There is a free version available, but you still need to have a credit card to use the free service.

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