Buttons on Stackby are just as other buttons are supposed to be -- a Call-to-Action (CTA) that you need to configure to send messages from Stackby via Twilio (for SMS/Text Messages and WhatsApp). It helps you do push actions.

Here, we will learn how to configure those push buttons on Stackby.

Before we start this article, there is one thing that is mandatory. You need to have a Twilio API Key to make this CTA a reality. Once you have that, you can configure the buttons that do push actions

Here is how you need to do that:

  • Log on to your Stackby account.
  • Go to the stack and the column that you want to configure the buttons 
  • Double click on the header or go to the column properties
  • Select Push Message from the drop down menu of rich fields
  • The next column will ask you to configure third party APIs and push data -- select Twilio
  • Next, it will ask you to select an API from your account -- select Twilio
  • Next, it will ask you to select a Twilio service -- select the appropriate service -- SMS or WhatsApp
  • Next, add in the number from which you want to push the message (you will need a Twilio number for this)
  • Next comes the message body that will be sent out -- add this message in the body field
  • Next Select the button label, which is nothing but the appropriate call to action
  • Once you are done with this, select the button colour and then the button icon and click on apply.

You are done. Now, start sending messages right from your table.