Stackby's integration with Clearbit API for generating lead lists or for enriching your lead list is easy - all you need is the API key. Yes, no coding needed to access data from Clearbit API. Here is how you can do that in easily:
In this article, you will learn -  

How to integrate Clearbit?

Available API Functions 

Quota Limit

How to integrate Clearbit?

Step 1

Sign up or Login to your Clearbit account here - 

Step 2

Go to the API page from the navigation bar and find your Secret API key

Step 3

Go to Account in Stackby → Workspace settings → API Configuration in Stackby and add a new integration for Clearbit and paste your API key and save.

Next Steps

Clearbit Prospector API helps you pull leads per domain. Now that you have added Clearbit Prospector to the stack, here are the next steps:

  • Go to the stack and keep the first column as the base (could be a domain URL or Company Name) 
  • In another column, connect to Clearbit Prospector API by choosing Service in API column type and choosing Prospector API function and then select Domain URL column as the reference column type
  • Add in the domain name of the company you want to prospect, click on the refresh arrow and you will see the data (JSON response). By clicking on the {data}, you can select which data you want to use and configure new columns accordingly from the JSON data explorer. 
  • Just make sure you change the column names and their property from the data explorer and repeat with other columns. 

Similarly, you can also use Enrichment API to enrich your lead lists by referencing the email address column and getting rich information about the person or the company. 

Available API Functions

1. Enrichment API: Enrich lead data by specifying email address
   Reference Input column: Email address 
   Output: Both person and company information 
2. Prospector API: Build your lead list by specifying domain URLs
   Reference Input column: Domain URL
   Output: Email addresses and other information

Quota Limit

You can make 600 requests per minute to each API unless you are using Streaming or Reveal.