Overview of Stackby Powerups


By Rachit

updated 22 days ago

Launching Stackby Powerups

Stackby Powerups is a set of tools and features that will allow you to import, manipulate, transform, automate or restore your data in multiple ways possible.

Here are the set of Powerups: 

  • Importers

    1. Microsoft Excel Importer

    2. Google Sheets Importer (Coming soon)

  • Data Recovery

    1. Stack Export 

    2. Recycle Bin

  • Data Transformation

    1. Appending CSV in an existing table

    2. Deduplication

  • Sharing

    1. Sharing a particular view (in a table) with your team member

  • Automation

    1. Automating API column type

  • Apps

    1. WebClipper (Chrome Extension)

    2. Sync with Google Drive

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