We have introduced a new Stackby Powerup as an email notification on reminders. 


Click on expand row and go to the reminder section. 

Now you can choose to add individual collaborators to the reminder and send them a reminder message for that record. 

From the Add collaborator drop-down select the collaborator to whom you want to send a reminder.

Now, you can add a message in the “Enter Reminder Message” box

You can also turn on the toggle to Send email notifications. As soon as the toggle is on, a reminder notification will be sent to the collaborator via email.

Note: Email reminders and the add collaborators + message box functionality is available on plans activated with Stackby Powerups. 

FAQs on Reminders 

  1. Can you set more than 1 reminder per record? 

No, as of now you can only set 1 reminder per record. However, we’re considering internally if we can add multiple reminders per record. 

  1. Will the collaborators be notified once they’re added to the reminder? 

Yes, as soon as the collaborators are added to the reminder, there will be a popup box that will appear in their account notifying that they’ve been added on a reminder for a particular record with the due-date/time details.