This article outlines the various ways you can connect & integrate Stackby to different Apps and what you can do with it. 

Type of Integration What it does? Examples Availability 
Column level API Connectors Connecting columns to popular APIs to pull data in the tables automatically Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, YouTube, Ahrefs etc. 
  • All plans 
  • # of API connectors per workspace depends on plan type 
Native Integrations Connecting Stackby natively to messaging apps, storage apps etc. Slack, Microsoft Teams,  Google Drive
  • All Plans 
Third Party Integration Services  Connecting Stackby to over 2000+ apps to automate workflows Zapier,, Integrately, Pabbly Connect
  • Need access to the third party account 
Importers Bringing data in Stackby via spreadsheets and other tools Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets 
  • All Plans
Developer API Utilize Stackby data via our robust Developer API and push/pull information Developer API documentation  
  • All Plans