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When you are working on a deadline, it makes it worthwhile to have everything chalked out on a Calendar. Stackby's Calendar view lets you do just that and more. We will cover the following in this article:

Here is how to create a Calendar Layout

Data Viewing Limits

Here is how to create a Calendar Layout

  • Go to the stack that you want to view and click on the table that you would like to view as a Calendar
  • Click on the drop-down menu arrow beside the Grid Button (on the left-hand side, just below the table header)
  • Click on the add (+) icon that lets you create different views
  • When you click on that it will ask you which view you want
  • Select Calendar from the list and a pop-up will ask you to select the grouping field and also let you know what groups you can select. Select the appropriate single date column and you can view your data as a Calendar


You can create a separate Calendar list for each table. You can create a Calendar view only with data that has a Date (the column property that has been kept as a Date/Time).

The calendar view also lets you view your data on a daily, weekly or monthly or Work Week or Agenda basis. You can also sort and filter the data you want to see.

Data Viewing Limits

You can view up to 100 rows on a calendar at one go. So if there are more rows in your data, you can view the first 100 rows on a single Calendar board and the rest will follow in new boards in lots of 100 rows.

Note: Check out our guide to our other Layouts - GridKanban and Form)

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