Hey, did you know that you can duplicate all the layouts on Stackby? No? Well, here it is -- you can easily duplicate all your layouts on Stackby. Perhaps the question going on in your mind is: Is it the same as changing the layout? The answer is no. Changing your Grid or Table layout to Kanban or Calendar or Form is different from duplicating layouts. Duplicating a layout is exactly that -- duplicating the Grid, Kanban or Calendar or Form layouts that you created. 

In this article we will learn:

Why should you duplicate a layout?

How to duplicate a layout?

Why should you duplicate a layout?

So, why do you need a duplicate layout?

Working as a team is sometimes very difficult. Especially, when you need to work on the same data. That is exactly where the duplication helps. On your master table or the main Grid, the data is all formatted and ready for you to work on. Duplicating helps make this easier. How?

  • You can have a layout for each team member or for each parameter that you need to work on. This means your team can work on their own copy and you don't need to worry about messing up the master data
  • So does the master table data change as you make changes in the copy or duplicate? Yes, it does so automatically. Because your team is working on their own copy or view, there is zero confusion regarding the changed data as they will be seeing that only).

How to duplicate a layout?

There are two ways to duplicate a layout. One is through the Add View button and the other via the Duplicate Layout button. Let us take a look at both:

Through the "Add View" button

Here is how you can duplicate or create a new View:

  • Go to the table for which you need to create a new view
  • Click on the Layout Switcher and select the + Add View icon
  • Select Grid/Kanban/Form/Calendar from the list and you are done
  • Rename the layout appropriately

Through the "Duplicate Layout" button

  • Go to the table which you want to duplicate
  • Click on vertical ellipses menu by the name of the layout/view
  • Click on Duplicate Layout from the drop-down menu and you are done
  • Rename the layout appropriately

Once you created a duplicate layout, you can easily filter or sort the data on a particular copy without the sorting or filtering affecting the main or master table.