New Features: 

  1. Time Tracker App - in Stackby Apps Marketplace 


  1. Added 'Email a copy of my responses' in Forms.

  2. Improved: UX Improvements on Search and Update in Formula field formula editor

  3. Improved: Form taking too much time to load on mobile

UX Enhancements: 

  1. Improved: Added tooltip in append CSV and tooltip align.

  2. Improved: UX experience for filter and sort model, it will automatically now select the primary column as you open it. 

  3. Improved: In the conditional color model, when the column name is big, scrolling did not come properly. 

  4. Improved: Consistent toggle button across the Stackby app. 


  1. Fixed: Issue when stack shared with editor permission on long text column type.

  2. Fixed: When you submit a response via form, the date column shows 'Invalid Date', if no date is added.

  3. Fixed: Database snapshot was not working properly. 

  4. Fixed: Bug in Kanban share view

  5. Fixed: Clicking on add new row button in link column model, multiple entries were added.

  6. Fixed: You can edit the form description field while the form is launched 

  7. Fixed: While adding date from calendar view by default, in column config "Invalid date" comes.

  8. Fixed: In the calendar view when range is added, end dates were shown a day before. 

  9. Fixed: Issue in Multi column type on adding Option

  10. Fixed: When I am changing the column type, an unnecessary tag is coming up

  11. Fixed: IDs were coming in link column type when adding via a form.