New Features

  1. Search app 


  1. Improvement: Functionality for column values alignment. Such as Numbers can be right aligned, Strings can be left aligned.

  2. Improvement: Implement Drag and Drop for Attachments

Bug Fixes

  1. FIXED: Word & Excel file preview issue in Attachment column
  2. FIXED: 2FA issue in Desktop App
  3. FIXED: Fill column by dragging large data set does not auto-scroll issue
  4. FIXED: Single click to select the entire column
  5. FIXED: Link issue
  6. FIXED: Firefox attachment preview issue
  7. FIXED: Ideal behaviour for selecting multiple records
  8. FIXED: Red background in gallery view cover images
  9. FIXED: Instagram API issue
  10. FIXED: Date format conversion
  11. FIXED: Date time copy issue
  12. FIXED: Calendar view embed month week not working
  13. FIXED: Update form Bug


  1. Innovation Idea Management

  2. Film Crew List

  3. Commission Tracking