The button field is an interactive column type that lets you trigger certain actions directly.

Adding button: Select button column type 

Select button label you want and type URL formula, or just URL

Current Button field actions

1. Open URL

The Open URL will open a link where the URL can be based on values from your record. Clicking will send you to the URL in the new window.

More, you can enter a URL formula. This uses the same formula syntax as the existing formula column and supports using cell values from other columns. 

Few example button actions: 

1. Post a Tweet

Need 1 column: Tweet Text 


2. Send an email through Gmail 

Need 3 columns: Email, Subject, Body


3. Create a Google Calendar Invite for a specific date and time 

Need 3 columns: Name (for Event Name), Start Date/Time, End Date/Time


4. Create a Google Calendar Invite for Date Only

Need 3 columns: Name (for Event Name), Start Date, End Date


5. Open a Stackby Form with pre-fill row content

Need 2 columns: First Name, Last Name (you can add as many pre-fill parameters the same way)

CONCAT("","(First Name)","=",ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({First Name}),"&prefill_(Last Name)=",ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({Last Name}))