We began our journey in 2017, and it all started with our simple observations and experiences: 

Why do people still heavily rely on spreadsheets, and use it as a makeshift database? And why do pre-packaged tools out there don’t give users the flexibility they need to create and customize their own? 

After interacting with over 1000+  managers, entrepreneurs, owners from all functions, across industries, realized the problem is big enough to be solved. We thought wouldn’t it be great if we gave the power of building own application + computation to a non-technical spreadsheet user? 

With this thought we started our journey and never looked back.

Fast forward -

Stackby now brings together the simplicity of spreadsheets, functionality of databases and integrations with best business APIs (YouTube, MailChimp, Clearbit, etc.) to let anyone build their own tools, the way they want. No coding or training needed.

Watch our Overview Video: 

Here's the summary of Stackby

Spreadsheets meet Databases 

Looks like a spreadsheet but functions like a relational database, completely flexible to your organizational needs. All you need is your basic spreadsheet skills. 

Entirely flexible 

Configure your table from 25+ column types (Long Text, Collaborators, Dropdowns, Attachments, Link, Lookup, Aggregation, API, Push Message etc.) and 6 different layouts (Grid, Kanban, Calendar, Forms, Gallery, Updatable Forms) to build your own workflows your way. Import directly from spreadsheets (CSV, Excel or Google Sheets) and create custom filters, then see your data your way. 

Work from anywhere 

Collaborate with your team in real-time from anywhere you want. Add Checklists, Reminders and Comment on each row. Connect to your Slack channel to push notifications on row updates, favorite rows and row reminders and never miss a beat. Get things done your way. 

Connect your columns to 3rd party APIs & Automate them 

Connect to over 40+ native integrations to pull data automatically (YouTube, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Clearbit, FullContact, Hunter.io, Github, Intercom, AlphaVantage, Mattermark and more) and push messages (SMS, WhatsApp, Slack) to automate your work. No coding needed. You can also schedule the columns to bring your data automatically, based on your frequency. 

API enabled database 

In-built JSON explorer, completely customizable. Refresh your cell, and get your data automatically for that row. No more manual data entry. 

150+ easy to use templates 

Get started in two minutes from 300+ pre-built templates from Video Production Tracking to Content Planning to Product Roadmap to Sales CRM and more. 

Built for non-techies and business folks 

No steep learning curve, no training needed, no setup required or IT implementation. Create and customize your own tools, in minutes.

Connect to anything

With integrations to Zapier and Integromat, you can connect Stackby to over 2000+ apps and services, and build automated workflows.