1. Countdown Tracker App

  2. New shortcut on the grid 


  1. IMPROVEMENT: Add " + Add Description" directly in column configuration

Bug Fixes

  1. FIXED: Multiple links not working when data comes from Zapier (takes last record only)

  2. FIXED: when account is deleted related reference not removing of that user.

  3. FIXED: Create Workspace Invite URL not working

  4. FIXED: Make collaborator message box same as reminder alert box for reminder

  5. FIXED: /n not working in row expand
  6. FIXED: mention @ notifications not coming on bell icon
  7. FIXED: Form - limit link row issue
  8. FIXED: Blank screen issue for color on date
  9. FIXED: Disable submit button for form on one click.
  10. FIXED: Icon stack for random user visible
  11. FIXED: Cannot remove sharing of stack


  1. Restaurant social media marketing calendar

  2. Leave request management

  3. CRE Site visit tracker