Now that you have integrated Slack to Stackby, it becomes easy for you to push notifications, reminders, etc. on to Slack through Stackby. Receive notifications about your favorite rows, notifications about any activity on your stack, and set reminders.

Your notifications on Slack via Stackby is dependent on the selections you have made per rule for a particular stack. One thing to keep in mind is that the Slack integration works at the row level and not at the column level. So the notifications and reminder messages will be coming forth only at row level. This is how you will be getting notifications based on the selection that you have made:

All activity in the stack
You will receive notifications for changes made to every cell (mind you, that is at row level and not at column level)

Only favorite rows
You will receive notifications for changes to your favorite rows.

Only reminder
Reminders that you set up in the stack -- you will receive notifications for that.

Note: Slack notifications have been implemented in such a way that there is a 2-minute interval between notifications. So if you implemented 5 changes within a minute, you will the notification for the 1st update and thereafter for the change that happens at the 2 minute slot.

These are just a start to what all you will get from Slack integration on Stack. There's more to come...

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