Who doesn’t use Facebook? Now, you can integrate with Facebook Post Insights to bring in data from the social media pages that you have integrated with your account.

In this article we will see:

How to integrate Facebook to your Workspace

How to bring your post ID

Available API Functions

Quota Limit


How to integrate Facebook to your Workspace

Well, happy news – this is one integration where you do not need the API key. The steps to integrating Facebook Post Insights are simple:

Step 1

Go to Integrations and select the Facebook Post Insights 

Step 2

Click on Add key, put in a name to the integration so that it is easy for you to recognize. Now, connect to Facebook. 

Step 3

Select your Facebook account (the one which you want to pull data via integration)

Step 4

It will automatically enlist all pages integrated to your account in drop-down

Step 5

Select the page to integrate, and click on the Save button. There, you are now integrated with Facebook.

That was the first phase. For the second phase, you need to go back to your Stackby account.

Go to your stack, select API as the column property, add Facebook Post Insight as the API to connect with. Select Facebook Post Details service from the service drop-down and add post ID column to reference (that is what you can name the reference column in your stack)

Next, bring your post ID and add to the reference column and click on the refresh button – you will have the Facebook post insights pulling in data automatically and adding it to the relevant column (you get to decide which data you want to access by selecting it from our data explorer.

How to bring your post ID

  • Go to your post and click on the date and time
  • Browser will go to a new page

From the URL, bring:

For normal post - 

For image or photos - 

For event posts - 

Please note that you can integrate only one page per workspace.

API functions available

Facebook Post Details
Get your Facebook posts data of your page

Reference Input column: Facebook Post ID
Output: Analytics of that post (impressions, activity, reactions, clicks, video views, etc.

Quota limit

You can do 150 API call requests/hour. 


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