1. Fixed: When a view is shared with any permission able to see hidden columns from an expanded view.

  2. Fixed: When sending Record values via email, in email wrong records are seen.

  3. Fixed: From the link column config, "Limit row selection to particular view" is managed.

  4. Fixed: It should only have two places beyond the decimal in the summary app.

  5. Fixed: When importing Microsoft Excel file where header is not added.

  6. Fixed: Expand record and move to next record when trying to delete any record, by default the first opened record gets deleted.

  7. Fixed: When inviting users from a single collaborator column "invite user model", Filter is not working on it.

  8. Fixed: In the hide option, column position is not getting saved at the proper place.

  9. Fixed: When user1 takes any snapshot and another user will also be able to take a snapshot.

  10. Fixed: Only column name are pasting from Paste data from sheet.


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