New Power Ups

  1. Column level permissions: Anyone with creator or owner permissions on a stack can limit who can create or delete records in a column.

  2. Section in View Sidebar: view sections serve as organizational structures, facilitating swift access and management of all your views.

  3. Expand Row with Two Column layout: A two-column layout is a design approach in Stackby where records are arranged into two vertical columns.


  1. FIXED: Security Issue: Stack update color / icon issue.

  2. FIXED: Security Issue: Remove Old Profile Picture image.

  3. FIXED: Security Issue: Forget Password message issue.

  4. FIXED: Security Issue: User Data Encrypted.

  5. FIXED: Security Issue: Forget Password message issue

  6. FIXED: Column config is opening on editor permission when we double click on column name.  

  7. FIXED: In the Chart app, remove the Y axis from Pie chart and doughnut chart.

  8. FIXED: Overlapping icon for personal and lock view.

  9. FIXED: For multiple column delete, the text goes out of the model.

  10. FIXED: Applied filter condition on date column type, then export that stack. Empty sheet getting downloaded. 

  11. FIXED: Include Error msg for table name or column name change in Pabbly.


  1. Cleaning Log Template

  2. Apartments Catalog template

  3. Compliance Tracking Template

  4. Social Media Analysis Template