Automate your lead generation database and enrichment right in Stackby with this super useful API connector with Datagma. 

In this article you will learn,

How to integrate Datagma
Integrating Datagma API in your table 
Available API Functions
Quota Limit

How to integrate Datagma

Step 1: Sign up or login to your account.
Step 2: On the left sidebar, click on API -> Key and Docs

Step 3: Copy the API key and paste it to the Stackby authentication model.

Integrating Datagma API in your table 

  1. Select Column Type → Connect to an API 
  2. Select Datagma API → Select from available API functions (Find Emails) and select your reference columns. 
  3. Create reference columns (say First Name, Last Name & Company Name) in your table and reference them in the API connector configuration. 
  4. Apply the API and then see the JSON data denoted as {data} populate in your cell. 
  5. Open the {data} explorer and then select the data (email ID, validity score) to create as new columns. 
  6. Refresh the cell or multiple rows at once to bring real-time data for those records. 

Available API Functions

  1. Find emails by Name
    Reference Input Column: First Name, Last Name, Company Name
    Output: Email ID and it’s status

  2. Enrich by Company Name
    Reference Input Column: LinkedIn URL and Company Name
    Output: Company Data( Description, Funding, Traffic, Total Employees etc.)

  3. Enrich by Person
    Reference Input Column: Email Id
    Output: Name, Location, LinkedIn URL etc

  4. Get Job Change Detection for a Person
    Reference Input Column: First Name, Last Name, Company Name
    Output: Current and Past Experiences

Quota Usage