1. Grid Toolbar changes

  2. Added 'Invite user' on the collaborator menu.

  3. In the Workspace setting page, workspace Info tab all billable information was added. 


  1. FIXED: Duplicate row not happening.

  2. FIXED: The time is not recorded from calendar view

  3. FIXED: Manage keyboard delete on primary column.

  4. FIXED: Issue while adding cover image in form

  5. FIXED: Issue when applied colour and delete that column.

  6. FIXED: Long-Text new line spacing issue when drag and fill.

  7. FIXED: Not able to remove date value from cell with help of backspace or delete button.

  8. FIXED: Facing issue in date column for time with 12 hour format.

  9. FIXED: When removing all links from child table lookup aggregation , lookup count value still remains and in parent table links are still visible.

  10. FIXED: Issues when sending rows via email. (Id's are coming in email)

  11. FIXED: Not able to remove URL values from URL column with backspace or delete button.

  12. FIXED: Not able to mention someone in between comments.


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  3. Grade Sheet Template

  4. Non-profit program management Template