1. In the powerup page- "New layout for single option and multiple option".
  2. Add the X icon in the expanded row.
  3. When you scroll down in the template page, we need a sticky header with 'Template name' on top.


  1. FIXED: Not able to send rows via email.

  2. FIXED: Template page font size changes.

  3. FIXED: Cut and paste row is behaving like copy and paste.

  4. FIXED: Primary column formula description not visible properly.

  5. FIXED: Not able to share the stack.

  6. FIXED: Template not loading.

  7. FIXED: Not able to delete accounts after creating passwords of accounts made with google signup.

  8. FIXED: Editor permission for workspace, 0 issue.

  9. FIXED: Upgrading plan with partner redemptions code issue.

  10. FIXED: Multiportion not working properly when using as lookup.

  11. FIXED: When sharing a view with read only, and then sharing another view with the creator, facing issues.

  12. FIXED: Language issue migration for blocks/apps.

  13. FIXED: Add 'New row in view' trigger in Partner Developer API.

  14. FIXED: When adding a new link, in the expanded model it should show in real time.


  1. Grants Management Template

  2. Annual review Template

  3. Client Database Template

  4. School life dashboard Template

  5. Club Homepage Template