1. FIXED: Forget password remove google Id

  2. FIXED: On Stacky By One page searching value issue

  3. FIXED: Multiple option, single option colour issue when you drag and drop columns to the form.

  4. FIXED: When a cell is empty, it should count as 0 in formula, it's taking NaN.

  5. FIXED: Lookup not happening in real-time on a stack.

  6. FIXED: Page not working https://stackby.com/startup-program

  7. FIXED: SUM() formula issue

  8. FIXED: Total Credits Earned count issue

  9. FIXED: Stack create limit reached on free plan.

  10. FIXED: Header in templates not visible when you are not logged in into stack by

  11. FIXED: Issue while upgrading WP through startup redemption

  12. FIXED: Not able to remove date from expanded row.

  13. FIXED: <p> tag coming in long text when we drag and fill values and rich text toggle is on.

  14. FIXED: Forms - No button to clear a dropdown selection for single and multiple collaborator columns.

  15. FIXED: This shortcut is not working : Open View Switcher Ctrl+SHIFT+K

  16. FIXED: Manage attachment column config for reverse order images.

  17. FIXED: When searching any column name in the hide option, not working fine.

  18. FIXED: Unable to add new columns per the intended function. Adding new columns gets added at 2nd last not at last.

  19. FIXED: Change Password issue

  20. FIXED: Enable captcha on frontend during signup after 3 consecutive signups from same browser

  21. FIXED: When you're in the last row, and you open a long text. It's not going down properly.


  1. Job Quotation Template

  2. Certificate for completion Template

  3. Certificate for appreciation Template