New Features added: 

View Section: This feature empowers users to effortlessly create and manage custom views of their tables, providing them with different views and setting options. 


  1. Improvement: Ability to create URL for individual records and cells
  2. Improvement: Added model when connection lost to server


  1. FIXED: When there is space in column name it's not able to find working with third party api (pabbly, integormate)

  2. FIXED: In primary column type, Issue in indentation of Auto number column.

  3. FIXED: Error message in Update form when filter is applied.

  4. FIXED: In Update Form, show Existing Record keeps on loading.

  5. FIXED: Messages extending beyond the message window in comment section

  6. FIXED: Manage hidden column in view level sharing (for editor) in expanded row.

  7. FIXED: Applying lock view to grid and then click on apps, pages goes blank

  8. FIXED: Copy/paste issue of row selection

  9. FIXED: Gallery view issues - it’s not saving ‘Crop/Fit’ or even the cover image after page refresh.

  10. FIXED: Preview of XL sheets is not working in attachment column type

  11. FIXED: Having trouble with getting twilio functioning on my real estate crm template

  12. FIXED: While pasting data table into new table - Data missing.

  13. FIXED: In prefill forms, need to be able to hide the prefill parameters in the form.

  14. FIXED: Number column type not accepting the NO Precision as default


  1. Product Development

  2. Order Enquiry Form

  3. Customer Onboarding Form

  4. Registration Form