1. FEATURE UPDATE: Stack Schema App


  1. IMPROVEMENT: Add vertical scroll bar in stack embed for kanban view

Bug Fixes

  1. FIXED: Color of single option not getting updated in Lookup and lookup of lookup
  2. FIXED: Deleting Attachment makes lookup table blank
  3. FIXED: Some of his stacks are showing the 1970 date. I've also got a new issue in calendar view
  4. FIXED: Deduplication issue - view selection not working properly
  5. FIXED: Steve Eberle: Issue in fetching and deleting table
  6. FIXED: Empty values in form should not gets submitted when required fields are on.
  7. FIXED:  Issues with Checklists
  8. FIXED: The “Show All” on the Private URL issue
  9. FIXED: Toggle off - CSV download issue


  1. Program Risk Register Template

  2. Commission Tracking Template