1. IMPROVEMENT: Embed app changes to embed google doc, google sheet etc..
  2. IMPROVEMENT: Added 'Getting started' in help.
  3. IMPROVEMENT: Show popup if you select all data and press 'DELETE' or 'BACKSPACE' when rows are more than 300

Bug Fixes

  1. FIXED: Embed page was getting  broken when the workspace owner was deleted by another owner.
  2. FIXED: When a column is hide and color filter applied on that column, the whole grid gets coloured.
  3. FIXED: Screen goes blank  when color filter is applied on multi option and convert that column type
  4. FIXED: Search bar not visible in Integrations page when you're logged in
  5. FIXED:  Gallery view embed CSS issue
  6. FIXED: Cathy Chiba- Lookup of lookup column Id coming.

  7. FIXED:  In the remainder model, send message toggle overlapping.


  1. Editorial Workflow

  2. Proof I Finish Things: Idea Tracking System


  1.  Embed Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & More