1. BIG LAUNCH - POWERUP: Add email notifications for collaborators in reminder


  1. IMPROVEMENT: Add row with filter data add in kanban and gallery
  2. IMPROVEMENT: Handle 'date' formatting in Aggregation column type

Bug Fixes

  1. FIXED: Steve - Blank stack issue
  2. FIXED: Date/time does not display in cell properly
  3. FIXED: Calendar blank screen issue on new row:
  4. FIXED: Blank stack issue Filter + column delete
  5. FIXED: Rich text <p> tag issue in the revision history
  6. FIXED: Summary bar not able to save after column update
  7. FIXED: HYPERLINK () formula not functioning properly
  8. FIXED: Payment history coming multiple times
  9. FIXED: Wrong display of stack collaborators in dashboard
  10. FIXED: CONCAT issue also for the link via form view
  11. FIXED: DATE_FORMAT ({}, 'MM') should return 06 instead of 6
  12. FIXED: Duplicate row error issue
  13. FIXED: Global search: Template page search issues
  14. FIXED: Cover image in gallery, Kanban not saving after refreshing page


  1. OKRs: Objectives & Key Results
  2. Tracking Internal Links for SEO