An array formula is a formula that works with an array of values, rather than a single value. Array formulas can return a single result, or multiple results and it's separated by a comma.

In Stackby, arrays can be used in conjunction with an aggregation or lookup column. 

In this article, we will learn

1. ArrayJoin() : It is used to join the array of aggregation columns into a string with a separator. Used when formulas can't be achieved on array data types and must be converted to a string first.

Syntax: ARRAYJOIN(Values)

2. ArrayCompact() : It removes empty strings and null values from the array. Keeps "false" and strings that contain one or more blank characters.

Syntax: ARRAYCOMPACT(Values)

Result :

3. ArrayUnique() : It only returns unique values from array

Syntax: ARRAYUNIQUE(Values)