Freezing a column means locking it to keep it visible while the user scrolls through the Stack. This is specifically helpful if a column is required to be seen at all times. When viewing a grid view, you can freeze - or lock - a column to always keep it in view when you're scrolling through a table horizontally. Note that you can only freeze a total of five columns. 

In this article, we will learn,

How to freeze Columns
How to unfreeze Columns

How to Freeze Columns:- To freeze columns, start by hovering over the dividing line next to any column. A blue bar appears with the indicator to "Drag column to freeze".

Click and hold your mouse, drag this past the column(s) you want to freeze, and then unclick. Now, all the columns to the left of the frozen field divider will remain fixed when you scroll horizontally.

How to Unfreeze fields:- If you'd like to unfreeze any column, you'll repeat this action in reverse, dragging from right to left instead.