New Pages

  1. Project-Management Page Publish

New Features

  1. New: Conditional Logic Form
  2. New: Rich Text Formatting 


  1. IMPROVEMENT: #Error to be considered Empty in Filter for Formula Column

Bug Fixes

  1. FIXED: View embed not opening
  2. FIXED: Manage Blank space at the end of email in Stack invite, Workspace invite, and View invite
  3. FIXED: Excel Import Issue
  4. FIXED: Workspace Share issue
  5. FIXED: When copying an attachment file, to another attachment cell (for Docx), the preview does not come
  6. FIXED: Form preview not updating when you update the form colors, add logos, etc. When you create a new view URL, it changes again.
  7. FIXED: When you enter the URL in the form description, it goes to the wrong URL


  1. Stakeholder analysis
  2. Inventory Tracking