1. ADDED: Send Row and Print Row in Expand View


  1. IMPROVEMENT: Calendar view improvement. Open calendar view on right month based on the records.

Bug Fixes

  1. FIXED: Zapier issue with single option column issue.
  2. FIXED: Issue with link row update. When deleting a link, it was not updating the linked value
  3. FIXED: Restrict view access by password
  4. FIXED: Search issue in Zapier
  5. FIXED: Remove column icons during embed
  6. FIXED: Gallery view images, in read only view it was not displaying the image.
  7. FIXED: Duplicate row issue
  8. FIXED: Multiple option colors not coming in form when displayed as list
  9. FIXED: Preview for forms does not show up in Firefox
  10. FIXED: Zapier - New row in a view issue
  11. FIXED: Export Stack
  12. FIXED: Text to date conversion


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  2. Sprint Planning