1. ADDED: Graphic representation of view in View Create menu
      2. ADDED: Shift + Up arrow functionality added for multiple cell select and unselect.


  1. IMPROVEMENT: Create date column from calendar view so you don't have to go back if you forgot to create a date column and tried to create a calendar view 
  2. IMPROVEMENT: Added search functionality from individual template in Template page

Bug Fixes

  1. FIXED: Date-time copy-paste bug fixed
  2. FIXED: Filter and Sort bug on created time and updated time fixed
  3. FIXED: Blank screen issue on Link column fixed
  4. FIXED: Update form bug fixed 
  5. FIXEDTable Toggle bug fixed and update UI/UX
  6. FIXED: CONCAT formula issue with Auto number fixed
  7. FIXED: Google Sheet Importer issue with multiple account fixed
  8. FIXED: Expand row issue in mobile view fixed