The Goal Tracker App helps individuals and teams set goals and track their progress towards those goals. 
This way, Stackby helps you to work towards your ambitious goals in increments instead of trying to reach them all at once and not getting the best results.
Keep your eye on your ultimate goal with the Goal Tracker! Add it to your dashboard to watch your team smash your goals!  

Using the Goal Tracker App

Step 1: To Add a Goal Tracker App to your stack, add it from the app panel. Click on Apps.
Click the Add an app button that appears. You can add Goal Tracker App in 2 ways.

  1.    From the Dashboard click on + Add an App
  2.    Click on Add an App button   

Step 2: Now dialog box is displayed, select Goal Tracker App and then click on Add App button.

Step 3: Next, set your Goal Tracker Name, set your goal target by entering any numerical value into the field below, and then choose whether you'd like to calculate the "Sum" or "Average" of the values in your stack.  
By Setting Goal Target you will work through each of the terms in the acronym to ensure it’s realistic and achievable. It’ll also have a clear deadline so you know when you need to complete it by.

Step 4: Calculate Progress As
Sum: It will give you total sum of selected columns.
Average: It will calculate Average based on selected columns.
Min: It will calculate minimum Row from Target Goal. 
Max: It will calculate maximum row from the Target Goal Set.

Step 5: Choose the Table, Select View, Choose Number Column who values you would like to be considered towards your goal.
Step 6: More exciting is that you can even select Units like Dollar, Euro, Pound, and Percentage. Even you can add units to Left L or Right R. Add your own symbol also.

Step 7: As soon as you will click on Save Button, you will get your result.