1. LANDING PAGES: Trello Alternative
  2. LANDING PAGES: Monday Alternative


  1. IMPROVEMENT: Create new column - Single Option, Collaborator during Kanban View Create
  2. IMPROVEMENT: Send information when the user is removed from the shared stack
  3. IMPROVEMENT: Table update name seamless
  4. IMPROVEMENT: Scroll bar added in Time select

Bug Fixes

  1. FIXED: User Onboarding issue
  2. FIXED: Horizontal scroll not working while dragging columns to the right side
  3. FIXED: View share link allows to unhide columns
  4. FIXED: Column move issue fixed
  5. FIXED: Update form issue fixed
  6. FIXED: Ctrl + A issue fixed


  1. Work Schedule Template
  2. Restaurant Inventory Tracking
  3. Real estate CRM
  4. Vendor Management
  5. Action item template
  6. Bullet Journal
  7. Social media design and planning
  8. Contractor Time Tracker
  9. Content Strategy Template
  10. Facilities Management