1. ADDED: Added LinkedIn Ads API 


  1. IMPROVEMENT: Expand Cell view updated.
  2. IMPROVEMENT: Desktop Apps updated.
  3. IMPROVEMENT: Help option in desktop apps.
  4. IMPROVEMENT: View preview URL, Form Preview, Account Settings now open in the default browser
  5. IMPROVEMENT: Copy-paste improvement on all column types


  1. FIXED: WEEKNUM() formula bug.
  2. FIXED: Copy-paste formula, checkbox and link column type.
  3. FIXED: Expand cell bug.
  4. FIXED: DATESTR() function issue.
  5. FIXED: 'Untitled Record' issue in Expand cell.
  6. FIXED: Formula real-time update issue (via Zapier)
  7. FIXED: Copy-paste issue from option column type to currency column type.
  8. FIXED: Integrately hard refresh issue.
  9. FIXED: Copy-paste from Stackby to other spreadsheets issue.
  10. FIXED: Hidden column issue in different views
  11. FIXED: Google login issue


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