1. ADDED: Added copy-paste button on right-click on the cell.


  1. IMPROVEMENT: Added tags for permission for View, Stack and Workspace invite.
  2. IMPROVEMENT: Font sized increased for Single and Multiple Options column type.
  3. IMPROVEMENT: Help center link added for different column types.
  4. IMPROVEMENT: Banner removed from template page after login for easy accessibility to templates.  


  1. FIXED: User permission change was not visible in the real-time issue.
  2. FIXED: Copy Stack and Filters issue on embedded view for Gallery, Grid, Kanban and Calendar view.
  3. FIXED: Copy issue on Formula column type.
  4. FIXED: Currency formatting issue on Formula and Aggregation column type.
  5. FIXED: Hyperlink function issue in formula column type.
  6. FIXED: Formula Real-Time Update issue on Look-up column type.
  7. FIXED: Link row causing blank screen issue
  8. FIXED: Issue on the duplicate table action
  9. FIXED: SerpStat API not working in scheduling issue.

Desktop Apps:

1. FIXED: Copy-Paste Issue for MacOS 

2. ADDED: Google Login 

3. IMPROVED: Opening URLs out of the browser 

4. IMPROVED: You can now stay signed in without adding your credentials again


1. In-House Video Production 

2. Digital Asset Management 

3. Casting Sheets and Auditions 

4. Fundraising CRM 

5. Personal CRM


1. Create your Custom Inventory Tracker 

2. Create your Custom Auto-updating Crypto Tracker 

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