There are 3 places where you can invite your team members: 

  • Workspace 
  • Stack 
  • View within a table 

Here's an overview of how different permission types work in those 3 places in Stackby:

Workspace StackIndividual view within Stack
OwnerHas access to all stacks in the workspace, can invite people to workspace, responsible for payments (equivalent to admin)Not available Not available 
CreatorCannot Create, Rename, Delete Workspace, can only add people to stacks           Can do everything in that stack - create tables, edit information, invite more people (optional)Can edit in the view, add rows. 
EditorCan only edit stacks in the workspace Can only edit the stack, cannot add new tables Can only edit in the view, cannot filter or sort in the view. Cannot add new rows. 
Commenter Can only comment on all stacks in the workspaceCan only comment in the stack Can only comment on rows in that view 
Read-onlyCan only view the stacks, in read-only. No edit access.Can only view the stack, in read-only. No edit access.Can only see the view in read-only. No edit access.