Timezone Settings


By Rachit

updated 3 months ago

To start with, Timezone settings are the default time zone that you would like to use when setting up stacks or workspaces in Stackby. Why does this matter? Time settings impact the date and time fields in your stack. 

So say if you stay in India but have chosen a US time zone, it will impact all your date/time columns because these will be showing you US time zones. It will also impact the date/time formulas that you add in and would leave you wondering if there is an error in the way you put in the formula. It is essential to change the time zone setting to where you are currently located. 

And it is very easy to do that. Here is how it can be done: 

  • Log in to your Stackby account
  • Once you are logged in go to your profile on the top right
  • Click on it and go to "Account"
  • Scroll down to the Select default timezone for all your workspaces section and select the appropriate time zone from the drop-down list and you are done.

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