1. INTEGRATIONS: LinkedIn Pages API is now working fine. You can give it a try. 
  2. INTEGRATIONS: Added a new API function for 'Goal Conversions' in Google Analytics API 
  3. BIG LAUNCH - POWERUP: Color Formatting now in Beta, you can color your rows based on conditions. 


  1. IMPROVEMENT: Added more stack colors for templates
  2. IMPROVEMENT: Linking of record has been improved on real-time


  1. FIXED: Converting date column into text showing ‘Invalid date’
  2. FIXED: Collaborator selection issue
  3. FIXED: Formula column having concat showing strange data in Gallery View
  4. FIXED: Real-time issue on lookup, aggregation (conditional)
  5. FIXED: Problem adding a new row from within the linked record editor fixed
  6. FIXED: Formula Real-Time Update
  7. FIXED: Comma shows up in lookup even in empty cell
  8. FIXED: Calendar was breaking, due to CONCAT (in date format) in primary column. 


1. Crypto Tracker (ft. CoinMarketCap API)

2. Inventory Management 

3. Ahrefs SEO Audit (ft. Ahrefs API) 


1. How to build your custom applicant tracker for your recruitment team

2. How to build your custom sales pipeline to keep track on your deals and reps

3. How to track your software purchases 

4. How to automate your invoice creation with Stackby & Google Docs