Advertisers are taking advantage of Barcode by using them to reach out to customers in a more interactive, interesting, and unique way. With the use of smartphones, just by downloading and installing a stackby app that can read barcodes you can discover a lot more information about the product being advertised.

How to add a barcode in stackby:

1. Open any table in which you want to add a barcode column.

2. Add a barcode column.

3. Click on apply button.

4. Add Values in the barcode column.

5. Now for using this barcode, install stackby android app -> from the google play store.

6. Click on "Install"  

7. Now from your android you will open your stackby -> open particular workspace -> open table 

8. Click on the barcode column.

9. Click on the camera button and from there you can scan your barcode.

10. Click on "GO BACK".